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Senior Spotlight

Sydney Dethman

“Sydney is a very focused and hardworking student. She has a cheerful and energetic personality, and makes it a point to be kind and considerate to everyone around her.”

- Mrs. Stangeland

Jason Eylander

"Jason is a responsible young man. He is also a great role model where I know he has younger students looking up to him. This is a privilege I know he does not take lightly."

- Mr. Reiter

Colt Miller

"Colt has been a great leader this year as a senior not only in sports, but also in his role as president of Froid BPA."

- Ms. Wineinger

Kaya Parenteau

"Kaya is funny and smart. She has a great sense of humor once you crack her shy exterior!"

- Mrs. Smith

Jaxon Stangeland

"Jaxon is an amazing and talented artist with a patient eye for details! He may seem quiet at first, but once you get to know him, he has a great sense of humor!"

- Ms. Gallegos

Kindergarten Spotlight

Jersey Lodahl

"Jersey is smart, outgoing, and always wants to help her friends. She is also so excited about learning."

- Ms. Pacella

Axel Holt

"Axel always has a smile on his face, he is kind, smart, loves to read and is such a hard worker."

- Ms. Pacella

Kade Murray

"Kade is tons of fun, smart, and loves to make people laugh. He is always excited about learning."

- Ms. Pacella

Chase Parenteau

"Chase loves to make the people around him smile, he is also very caring and smart and loves to draw."

- Ms. Pacella