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Senior Spotlight

Abigail Strandlund

"Abby has a bubbly, outgoing personality. She is always one to give a kind compliment, and a helping hand when needed."

- Mrs. Stangeland

Brett Stentoft

"Brett is a low-key, fun loving student who enjoys a good time. His persistence with enhancing his athletic and academic performance has positioned himself for a productive future."

- Mr. Reiter

Javonne Nesbit

"Javonne has been someone that younger students look up to and admire. I see the excitement from some of them when they see Javonne in the hall, and he is always kind and gracious towards them."

- Mrs. Stangeland

Bode Miller

"Bode is an EXTREMELY hard working and motivated individual and leader that our school will truly miss. If he focuses on accomplishing something he'll far exceed expectations."

- Ms. Wineinger

Kindergarten Spotlight

Brody Wilson

"Brody loves making people laugh and playing with his friends. He is a hard worker and loves to learn."

- Mrs. Smith

Easton Miller

"Easton is fun and outgoing! He is great at math and loves going to PE. "

- Mrs. Smith

Eva Johnson

"Eva is very outgoing and loves making friends wherever she goes. She loves learning her letters and numbers. "

- Mrs. Smith

Teagan Lawrence

"Teagan is kind and loves playing with his classmates. He loves learning his letters and art. "

- Mrs. Smith

Frankie Eylander

"Frankie always has a smile on her face! She is a great writer and loves doing puzzles. "

- Mrs. Smith

Sophia Eylander

"Sophia is a great friend to her classmates. She is also great at reading and drawing!"

- Mrs. Smith

Weston Clark

"Weston is smart and excited to learn he is a great friend to his classmates. He loves to read and spends all his free time reading"

- Mrs. Smith

Jayden Lodahl

"Jayden is very kind and loves helping out his friends. He is a great reader and reads any chance he gets!"

- Mrs. Smith