The Art of Recycling

Froid’s 9th grade art students recently completed a fun unit on creating wearable, hand-crafted art using paper cups. Students were introduced to the recycling process by first watching a video on how paper cups are made, including the stamping and inking process used to create the readily recognizable and colorful logos featured on most vendors’ cups. The class then learned the process of how used paper cups are collected and eventually made into recycled cardboard through a multi-stage procedure.

Using cups donated by local food and beverage vendors,  the class learned how to carefully deconstruct each cup, trace and cut out individual pattern pieces and then stitch the cup pieces together to create their caps. Each cap is made up of 16 individual cups, and a total of 1,220 holes that must be punched before everything can be stitched together.  Happily wearing their colorful creations, Froid students are pleased with the successful completion of their caps.