Spring Concert
4 days ago, Tara Rupp
Jasper, Jett and Emerie-Jo
First Grade getting ready for the concert
Eva and Rylee
A few pictures from the spring concert last night!
4 days ago, Tyler Harris
The Spring Concert is tonight! See you at 6:30pm in the gym!
5 days ago, Tyler Harris
Prom Information: Corsages and boutonnieres can be picked up in the lunchroom between 10 am and noon on Saturday. Pictures begin at 7 pm and Grand March is at 8:30. The dance starts at 9!
7 days ago, Tracie Smith
Pictures of the students at Academic Olympics!
9 days ago, Tyler Harris
Solar Eclipse 2024
11 days ago, Tara Rupp
first grade
looking cool Kayden
First Grade
Looking for the sun
More Solar Eclipse
11 days ago, Tara Rupp
Third grade made an awesome working model of the solar eclipse.
11 days ago, Samantha Barnhart
Chase and the Earth
More pictures?!
Kade and the Moon
The finished product
Axel figuring out the moving pieces
Axel with the dremel
This Friday we will celebrate the end of our Book Fair and Reading Month with our annual "Sleepless in Froid" day! Wear your jammies (and even bring a pillow if you want) and be ready to read ALL Day!
16 days ago, Heather Mason
From Mrs. Smith: Alyssa Stromberg will be at the school the morning of Monday, April 8 to take orders for corsages and boutonnieres.
17 days ago, Tyler Harris
The 2nd graders got to hatch and adopt Peeps today! Then they had to get creative and write imaginative stories about their peeps. 🐣
23 days ago, Abigail Tunby
Peep Adoption!
Recess Fun
25 days ago, Tara Rupp
Emerie Jo
look out below
building an igloo
Artie and his igloo
all crazy
The track meet in Williston scheduled for tomorrow is cancelled!
28 days ago, Tyler Harris
The 3rd and 4th grade class spent the afternoon designing and building a pyramid. Their goal, to build the tallest pyramid and a pyramid that would survive various tests. Which team looks like the winner?
29 days ago, Samantha Barnhart
Axel Holt and his pyramid
Crew and Shae and their pyramid
Kade and Avaya and their pyramid
Chase and Joslynn and their pyramid
Kade and Avaya working on their pyramid
Joslynn and Chase planning their pyramid
Brooklynn and Axel plan their pyramid
Avaya and Kade plan their pyramid
Shae and Crew plan their pyramid
Brooklynn and Axel plan their pyramid
The Spring Book Fair is on its way! Come into the Froid School Library and share in some BookJoy! Check out our Froid School Book Fair homepage here: https://www.scholastic.com/bf/froidschool
about 1 month ago, Heather Mason
Kindergarten Science Fizzy Rainbow Experiment 🌈
about 1 month ago, Natalie Gregor
Fizzy Rainbow experiment
Fizzy Rainbow
Kindergarten wants to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day!
about 1 month ago, Natalie Gregor
Kindergarten working with pattern blocks to make shapes and pictures!
about 1 month ago, Natalie Gregor
Shape making
First grade made pillows because everyone made their February AR goal.
about 1 month ago, Tara Rupp
First grade pillows
6th grade solving the mystery powder problem.
about 1 month ago, Traci Kjelshus
adding to them
now to decide which one